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I was at NH Motor speedway today while ya'll were racing. I definitely enjoyed it and the opportunity to take some pictures of the cars while on the track. I will be posting some on my Instagram @

I will also try to share them on your Facebook page if I can. I'm going to try to get to the run you do in Mass, to try to take more pictures. My vantage point at NHMS wasn't great till someone pointed a couple out. Hopefully in mass there will be more spots. I would like to share the Pics with ya'll for sure. I currently don't charge for them, I'm trying to make a portfolio. I also do wildlife too.
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Re: Photography

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Thanks for taking these photos. They are great! If you have the full lot of photos hosted anywhere feel free to post here.

Palmer is a beautiful track but but is far more limited for vantage points than NHMS. You may want to touch base with Chris Tier, the General Manager at Palmer. He may be able to help you get access to some really interesting vantage points.
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